Mark R. Probst (markprobst) wrote,
Mark R. Probst

The rise of opposition to marriage equality

Michelangelo Signorile interviews Brian Brown of the National Orginization for Marriage:

I must say I am very depressed over the turn of events regarding gay marriage in this country. There is a very organized group that has made it their mission to overturn every state’s newly acquired gay marriage protections by referendum. Most recently Maine’s new gay marriage law will be put on hold now that they have collected enough signatures to put it on the November ballot. Even in my home state of Washington, where the legislature recently expanded domestic partnerships, a referendum vote is going on the ballot to try and overturn that measure.

My question is why do these people care whether or not I have the right to marry? As far as I know, it is unprecedented for voters to step in to take away human rights. Can you imagine a referendum taking away the right to marry from any other minority group? It wouldn’t be tolerated. Perhaps it is time for marriage equality to be established at the national level. A constitutional amendment that would make it the law of the land and no state referendum could touch it. It really is disheartening that our fellow Americans are choosing to treat us with such disdain.

Threre are two publishing projects that are donating a portion of their proceeds to the fight for marriage equality:
I Do: An anthology in support of marriage equality from MLR Press
and Taming Groomzilla by E. N. Holland from Bristlecone Pine Press

I have just purchased both titles.

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